Colfax Monument has been in Colfax for over a hundred years. It has developed a respected status in the eyes of Colfax and Whitman County residents. The monument shop was opened in the late 1880’s in Colfax by the Millgard family. After the turn of the century it became D. Millgard and Company and was located at 112 E. Spring street in the Copeland Apartment building. The company was sold to Rufus Jones in 1950 but kept the D. Millgard name. In 1960, John B. Archer purchased the company and changed the name to Colfax Monument Company. John worked the business until his death in 1982 and the business was sold to Kay and Gary Stilson. Colfax Monument is located on Mill Street 1 block east of Main St., across from the United Methodist Church.

Gary and Kay Stilson have been creating gravestones for over 32 years and Kay is a Certified Memorialist, a recognized earned designation of the Monument Builders of North America. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of cemetery work, onsite engraving, monument installation, restoration and cleaning.

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